Join “Neighborhood Safety Companions!”

Stand with PANA and allies to take direct action in building community, solidarity and a deterrence to street violence. Help us create alternatives to increased police repression. CLICK HERE.

CDPH: Oppose the Pacifica “Transition Plan!”

PANA statement to the California Department of Public Health calls for the rejection of Pacifica Companies’ March 29, 2021 proposal to mass evict all Japanese American and Japanese seniors aged mostly in their 90’s to 100’s out of the Sakura Intermediate Care Facility (ICF) in Boyle Heights, Los Angeles. This proposal will accelerate the deaths […]

ABC 7: Koreatown residents escorted by volunteers to help keep them safe amid spike in anti-Asian attacks Friday, April 2, 2021 KOREATOWN, LOS ANGELES (KABC) — In light of numerous recent attacks on Asian Americans across the nation, a group of local volunteers is helping Koreatown residents by offering safety and companionship if they need to go out. Organizers call them Neighborhood Safety Companions, keeping a watchful eye on the community […]

CBS KCAL 9: “Neighborhood Safety Companions” Effort in Koreatown, LA

KOREATOWN (CBSLA) – In an effort to curb a rise in hate crimes against Asians and Asian-Americans, volunteers offered safety and companionship to residents of Koreatown Thursday. The Koreatown Neighborhood Safety Companions group, along with the Progressive Asian Network For Action and community volunteers gathered at Kenmore Avenue and 6th Street in Koreatown, the same site […]

Asians and Allies Rise Up Against Anti-Asian Violence March 27-28

210327-KTOWN-BrianFeinzimerForLAist-18 #StopAsianHate Rally & Solidarity March in Koreatown #StopAsianHate Rally & Solidarity March in Koreatown #StopAsianHate Rally & Solidarity March in Koreatown #StopAsianHate Rally & Solidarity March in Koreatown #StopAsianHate Rally & Solidarity March in Koreatown #StopAsianHate Rally & Solidarity March in Koreatown #StopAsianHate Rally & Solidarity March in Koreatown #StopAsianHate Rally & Solidarity March […]

Efforts to Deter Anti-Asian Violence on the Rise Across the Country

Asian Americans are standing up nationwide with initiatives to promote safety in our communities in the face of Anti-Asian violence. Volunteer work to build community relationships with the intention of deterring attacks offer an alternative to advocacy of increased racist policing. In addition to massive rallies of people calling for an end to the epidemic […]

The Systemic Roots of “Anti-Asian Violence”

Anti-Asian Violence Through a Working Class Lens: Pt. 1 CLICK HERE to read   Individual acts of anti-Asian violence are offsprings of corporate anti-Asian violence “Racial violence against Asians has been initiated by corporations and the government in order to make profit, and is part and parcel of our political economic system which perpetuates racism […]

To Defeat White Supremacy, Asians Must Stand Together and for Each Other

  PANA launches volunteer “Neighborhood Safety Companions” effort to keep our seniors safe, partnering with Asians With Attitude and Koreatown Youth & Community Center Today, systemic White Supremacy is waging violence on our people. Despite gross-under reporting of hate crimes, there have nonetheless been over 3,800 racist incidents reported in the past year alone. Most […]

More Policing is Not The Answer To Anti-Asian Violence

Tragically, like so many other victims of police killings, Angelo Quinto’s pleas for his own life were not heeded by Antioch police.  We also do not forget the killing of Tommy Le in 2017.  The vicious policy of “kill first” and “qualified immunity” encourages many white supremacist police to kill oppressed people with no repurcussions. […]