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CDPH: Oppose the Pacifica “Transition Plan!”

PANA statement to the California Department of Public Health calls for the rejection of Pacifica Companies’ March 29, 2021 proposal to mass evict all Japanese American and Japanese seniors aged mostly in their 90’s to 100’s out of the Sakura Intermediate Care Facility (ICF) in Boyle Heights, Los Angeles. This proposal will accelerate the deaths of these already-fragile seniors and exacerbate displacement/gentrification in Boyle Heights.

We call upon the CDPH to act in support of the health interests of the seniors of the Sakura ICF. Bilingual care is a lifeline issue. Bi-cultural services is a health issue. Please stand upon the right side of history. Help lead a new direction in California politics away from its racist past and protect the well-being of these seniors by rejecting this harmful “Transition Plan.” – Progressive Asian Network for Action (PANA)

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Note that in California, the government has historically been an instrument for White Supremacy, with members of the Democratic Party leading Sinophobia campaigns. We caution Asian Americans and allies to take note, as both Democrats and Republicans are united in their efforts today to bash China in racist fashion and fan the flames of war in the Asia Pacific region.

California lawmakers opposed the Fourteenth Amendment until 1959, and the Fifteenth until 1962.

I am a Yonsei. A fourth generation American of Japanese decent. My great grandparents were issei pioneers who farmed in Hawaii and then in Salinas.
All 4 of my grandparents benefited from senior living that provided culturally appropriate care from language to food to fellow residents.
Places like this MUST BE allowed to continue to provide dignified and compassionate care for our loved ones in their senior years.
So please do the right thing and fight foe them.

Thank you.

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