PANA Endorses AD52 People’s Action ADEMS Slate

Assembly District Election Meetings (ADEMs) are biannual caucuses where each Assembly District elects fourteen delegates to represent their district in the State Democratic Party Conventions and Executive Meetings. These delegates make up roughly one-third of the 3300 total Democratic Party Delegates and are supposed to represent their community’s interests. Voting progressives into the State Party […]

PANA Endorses AD41 People’s Action ADEMs Slate

AD41 PANA members engage in Assembly Delegate representative elections in an attempt to influence the California Democratic Party leadership composition, rules and platform, every two years. These delegates vote on Party legislative positions and who and what gets Party endorsements at the state level for the platform. Two-thirds of the CA Democratic Party votes are […]

Lessons from the 2022 Midterms

On December 4 and 11, PANA held conversations with some progressive candidates who ran in the 2022 Midterms. From these conversations, we drew lessons from the experience to help us continue the work to win progressive political power in Southern CA and beyond. Click on the images below to jump to the video replays of […]


Language justice is essential in our efforts to fight for full equality and political power. It is not supported adequately by the status quo and eventually we would like to build an infrastructure than can pay translators (written and in-person) for their valuable work. We think that if properly implemented, language justice can be the […]

Lessons from the Midterms

Kenneth Mejia and Kelsey Iino

The 2022 midterms elections were about Gen Z flexing their political muscle but also the continued rise of the fastest demographic in the U.S. into higher representation in the electoral arena.

PANA Members Join “Knit the Revolution” Podcast on Medicare-for-All


Tsukuru Fors, Reggie Wong and Taiji Miyagawa share experiences from their work to win healthcare-for-all, including AB 1400 in CA. How efforts by PANA to address the larger issue of inequality faced by Asian and Pacific Islander Americans are an example of how to build a broader, more diverse and powerful grassroots movement to win […]

Asians Uniting Against Anti-Asian Violence

Trauma and Trump make Asian American voters a more cohesive bloc, new poll reveals Ahead of the 2022 midterms, the POLITICO/Morning Consult poll found that Asian Americans/Pacific Islanders are significantly more likely to be mobilized by a shared fear of violence and discrimination than before the pandemic. From, by Rishika Dugyala and Beatrice Jin […]

Join the Asian and Pacific Islander Language Justice Network

Translators and Interpreters Needed! We have a dire need to gather our multilingual capacity in order to build political power in our communities. We cannot continue to concede the Asian language spaces to the Right Wing as we have been doing. We must commit to valuing ALL voices in our communities and not fall prey […]

Don’t Sleep on Asian American Voters

Don’t Sleep on Asian American Voters The bloc’s power is growing fast. That could be bad news for the GOP. When Kamala Harris, Hillary Clinton, and other prominent Democrats appeared online at a major fundraiser last night, they spotlighted one of the least discussed lessons of the 2020 election: Asian Americans are poised for […]