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PANA Endorses AD52 People’s Action ADEMS Slate

Assembly District Election Meetings (ADEMs) are biannual caucuses where each Assembly District elects fourteen delegates to represent their district in the State Democratic Party Conventions and Executive Meetings. These delegates make up roughly one-third of the 3300 total Democratic Party Delegates and are supposed to represent their community’s interests.

Voting progressives into the State Party is an important way to make change from inside the party. Delegates vote on party leadership, the party platform, and local/statewide endorsements. 

In AD52, we need working people who are members of the community to represent our interests and bring new and fresh voices to the party. This is why PANA endorses this slate and encourages you to vote for these progressives.


Voting instructions:

AD 52 People's Action Slate
AD52 People's Action Platform
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Political Power

PANA Endorses AD41 People’s Action ADEMs Slate

AD41 People's Action Slate
AD41 Policy Platform

PANA members engage in Assembly Delegate representative elections in an attempt to influence the California Democratic Party leadership composition, rules and platform, every two years. These delegates vote on Party legislative positions and who and what gets Party endorsements at the state level for the platform. Two-thirds of the CA Democratic Party votes are reserved for elected and party officials and their appointees. 1/3 of the votes are open to relatively democratic elections.

Progressive ADEMS push the CA Democratic Party to address the majority of peoples’ needs vs. the greed of corporations that work to buy off Party leadership and elected officials to server their private interests. Even while lacking critical political power, Progressive ADEMS can help to bring transparency and accountability to the electoral political process.

For more information about the AD 41 People’s Action Slate:

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The California Democratic Party Assembly District Elections Meeting (“ADEM”) shall be held in each of the 80 Assembly Districts in January of each odd-numbered year in order to elect representatives as (“Assembly District delegates”) or (“ADDs”) to the California Democratic Party Democratic State Central Committee and one representative per Assembly District to the CDP Executive Board Representative.



Assembly District Election (registration here):