“Neighborhood Safety Companions (NSC)” – Building New Models for Community-Based Security

Neighborhood Safety Companions

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PANA joins a growing movement of Asian Americans and allies who are standing up across the country to take action against the upsurge in violent, racist attacks against Asians in the U.S. Our approach to turning the tide against this trend is a peaceful one, emphasizing community and solidarity-building through taking public action to create a deterrence and offer service. We oppose vigilantism, increased policing and Anti-Blackness. During our walks, we interact with community members, join conversations with neighbors and business owners and street vendors, in multiple languages. We support common efforts now underway and join with groups such as @AsiansWithAttitudes, @noharmktla, @safewalksnyc, @ktown4all, @CompassionInSGV, San Jose Nikkei Resisters and others who have also initiated similar important work in their respective cities.

“How to Report a Hate Crime” booklets

Building Community with NSC


Neighborhood Safety Companions volunteer passing out informational literature to seniors in Koreatown.
Longer-term, we must build grassroots power to expose and defeat the primary sources of this violence. We understand that while the upswing in the violence is shocking and weighing heavy on all of our hearts, it is not a new thing, but part and parcel of our history in this country. It is a condition of super-exploitation and inequality which we have in common with our oppressed indigenous, Black, LatinX and other allies. Through a study of history, we also take pride in knowing that our peoples have a history of standing up to racist oppression and honor this tradition by taking action!  JOIN US!