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LA Families May Get Up To $1,000 A Month Through The City’s Universal Basic Income Program

Los Angeles city officials announced today a universal basic income pilot program, known as the Big:Leap. More than 3,200 low-income families facing extreme financial challenges because of the Covid-19 pandemic who will be chosen at random to receive $1,000 a month for one year starting in January.

Do not let neoliberal politicians deny the fact that this reform was driven by mass actions demanding to defund LAPD. The program has problems, including a short window for applying, the time it takes to apply, the personal questions that are asked and the limits for how progressive forces can get the word out about it…but please do help spread the word and get those in need to apply:


Building Solidarity Following the Derek Chauvin Verdict

Members of Neighborhood Safety Companions (NSC) and Progressive Asian Network for Action (PANA) join a gathering at Pan Pacific Park in Los Angeles following the Derek Chauvin Verdict

Anti-Asian Violence Solidarity

How Minneapolis Asian Americans are supporting Black community after Daunte Wright’s death

April 16, 2021, 1:45 PM PDT

By Claire Wang

April 13, 2021, in Brooklyn Center, MN - John Minchillo / AP

PANA: Resistance to oppression is not new, neither is solidarity between Asian Americans and African Americans. Our solidarity is the power that will overthrow this system of white supremacist violence towards both of our peoples.

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Anti-Asian Violence Solidarity

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