Economic Justice

Visualizing “Wealth Inequality”

When progressives talk about “wealth inequality,” “fair taxation of the wealthy,” or “wealth redistribution,” what do we mean? Here is a website that attempts to demonstrate the disparity with graphics:

Average U.S. weekly wage in 1973: $872.44

Average U.S. weekly wage in 2021: $840.08

Jeff Bezos wealth in 2001:
$1.5 billion

Jeff Bezos wealth in 2021:
$193 billion

What an Amazon worker made yesterday: $120

What Jeff Bezos made yesterday: $3,900,000,000

PANA advocates for a living wage, the rights of workers to unionize and major reform to force those who accumulate tremendous wealth via exploitation to pay their fair share of taxes. 

We support initiatives that seek to improve the lives of the people which can begin to offset this tremendous gap in wealth, such as the establishment of public banks, healthcare for all, social housing, environmental justice and a just transition to a Green Jobs Economy, ending the attacks on public education by the Charter School industry, and securing the rights of voters.

Ultimately we must win a society that serves the interests of the majority of people not the oligarchy that we are suffering under today.

Wage Theft