Vilifying China Puts a Bull’s-Eye on the Backs of Asian Americans

Biden may reject Trump’s hateful language, but he is continuing his predecessor’s dangerous “tough on China” approach. By Mae Ngai March 23, 2021 The Nation Biden may reject the hateful language of “China virus,” but he is extending the “tough on China” policy, which was the overall framework for so many of Trump’s racist […]

PANA Endorses Emergency Week of Actions for Haitian Refugees!

Biden: Halt Your Racist Border Patrol and Stop the Whippings and Racist Deportations NOW!   Haitian refugee crisis made in the USA, border patrol agents whip migrants   Endorse the Emergency Week of Actions Call to Action and Demands Haitian Activist Calls Out Biden’s Border Response as ‘Unacceptable’ Stop Racist Border Patrol […]