Support the VISION ACT in California!

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The VISION Act passed the Assembly and is currently on the Senate Floor in the 2022 legislative session. The VISION Act would protect community members who have already been deemed eligible for release from being transferred by local jails and our state prison system to immigration detention. The VISION Act takes urgent and necessary strides […]


Former El Monte garment worker recalls imprisonment, forced labor A recent exhibit at the Museum of Social Justice in Los Angeles brought attention to the anniversary of the El Monte Garment workers fight in 1995 – where a modern slavery compound was discovered and exposed.  At 4 am on August 2, 1995, Chanchanit Martorell, Executive […]

PANA Working Platform on Immigration Reform

PANA work-in-progress framework for approaching immigration reform work March 10, 2019 (v.1f) • A fair pathway to citizenship and full integration for immigrants, trafficked victims, adoptees, asylum seekers, and refugees while offering them a protected status against criminalization, detention and deportation while they plead their cases. • We call for an end to re-criminalization and […]