US Ranks 36th Out of 37 Nations on COVID-19 Mortality

COVID-Mort-by-Country-BMJ A new study quantifies the loss in life expectancy due to COVID-19 in nations around the world. The US is in the worst tier, with a drop of nearly two years. Blame lays at the feet of mishandling by Trump, but also long-term degradation of public health and primary care access. Both must be […]

The First Year of COVID: Filipinos Were Among Hardest Hit, But Hidden by Data Filipinos had the second highest mortality rate in the county during the pandemic’s first year — but that cost was largely hidden because the county reported cases and deaths among Filipinos within a broad category of Asian Americans, rather than breaking them out specifically.  Maya Srikrishnan December 6, 2021 Voices of San Diego In San Diego County, […]

The Disproportionate Impact of COVID-19 on Pacific Islander Communities

Take a listen: ‘Alisi Tulua, project director of the Native Hawaiian Pacific Islander COVID-19 Data Policy Lab at the University of California, Los Angeles, tells Marco Werman that while California is easing its lockdown restrictions, Native Hawaiian and Pacific islanders in the state are still experiencing high infection rates. Please visit SoCal PIRCT to […]