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The Model Minority Myth is an Attack on Working-Class Asians and Pacific Islanders

The Model Minority Myth is an Attack on Working-Class Asian and Pacific Islanders
The Asian American Pacific Islander population is extremely diverse, culturally and economically. According to a recent analysis by the Pew Research Center, Asian household incomes range from $44,400 to $120,000. Subgroups at the low end aren’t represented by the median data. Here’s a closer look at the growing income gap among Asian Americans, how it started and what’s next.

— Introduction
1:30:13 — Immigration
3:56:03 — Barriers
6:26:14 — Aggregated data
8:55:10 — What’s next?

“National datasets look at the community in aggregate, and so when you combine it, it looks like Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders are doing well, and often disguises the realities of what those at the lower end of the economic spectrum are experiencing.”

-Seema Agnani

Executive Director, National CAPACD