Support Apache Stronghold Efforts to Save Oak Flat

PANA Endorses Efforts to Protect Oak Flat

Since time immemorial, Western Apaches have come to Oak Flat for their most important and longstanding religious ceremonies that cannot take place anywhere else. The sacred site is on the National Register of Historic Places and has been protected from mining and other destructive practices for decades. In 2014, however, the government ordered Oak Flat to be sold to Resolution Copper, a foreign-owned mining company that plans to turn the site into a two-mile-wide and 1,100-foot-deep crater. Apache Stronghold—a coalition of Apaches, tribal leaders, faith leaders, the National Congress of American Indians, the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation and grassroots organizations—sued the federal government to halt the demolition of Oak Flat.

WASHINGTON —On Thursday, November 17, the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals decided it would rehear Apache Stronghold v. United States after ruling earlier this year that a private mine can proceed with operations while a lawsuit is pending.

The Apache Stronghold is arguing that efforts to develop an underground copper mine in the Tonto National Forest will destroy Oak Flat, a site considered to be sacred by the Apache and other tribes. 

“Apache have gathered at Oak Flat to connect with our Creator for millennia, and we want to continue this sacred tradition,” Dr. Wendsler Nosie, Sr. of Apache Stronghold, said in a statement. “The government protects historical churches and other important religious landmarks, and our site deserves no less protection. We are glad the Ninth Circuit is going to take a closer look at this decision, and we hope it will do the right thing and protect Oak Flat.” 

Oak Flat is recognized in the National Register of Historic Places, and its religious significance has been compared to that of Mount Sinai or St. Peter’s Basilica. 


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Win Justice for Christian Hall!

“A Mental Health Crisis is Not a
Death Sentence”

A Mental Health Crisis is Not a Death Sentence

On December 30, PANA and Neighborhood Safety Companions (NSC) were not deterred by rain as they joined calls for justice in downtown L.A. on the one-year anniversary of Christian Hall’s murder by Pennsylvania State Police. Organized by Answer Coalition, Los Angeles, other attendees included Anti-Asian Violence community safety allies from Asians with Attitude and Pan Asian Harmony Society. We heard recorded statements from Christian’s parents and his best friend. Solidarity statements included members of Party for Socialist Liberation, Roofers Union Local 36. Music by @taevinmusic.

Progressive Asian Network for Action and Neighborhood Safety Companions
PANA and Neighborhood Safety Companions taking a stand for Justice for Christian Hall on 12/30/2021
Reggie Wong of PANA/NSC calls for support of AB 1400
Reggie Wong of PANA and NSC advocates support of CA AB 1400 which would finance increased mental healthcare for all Californians
Christian Hall Justice Demands

Please support the campaign to win Justice for Christian Hall, which is the intersection of killer cops accountability, the lack of mental health services in the U.S. and the challenges faced by adoptees and their families.…/christian-hall-police…#JusticeForChritianHall



Building Solidarity Following the Derek Chauvin Verdict

Members of Neighborhood Safety Companions (NSC) and Progressive Asian Network for Action (PANA) join a gathering at Pan Pacific Park in Los Angeles following the Derek Chauvin Verdict

Anti-Asian Violence Solidarity

Solidarity in Philadelphia

By Zijia Eleanor Song and Noreen O’Donnell • Published April 15, 2021 • Updated on April 15, 2021 at 11:28 pm

A recent survey from SurveyMonkey and AAPI Data shows that white supremacy harms people from all racial minorities. The survey finds elevated levels of experiences of hate crime and hate incidents across all communities of color. Among Asian Americans and Latinx surveyed, 27% report experiencing hate crime and hate incidents, higher than the national average of 22%. Black and multiracial respondents report a level of 34%, highest among all communities of color.

Anti-Asian Violence Solidarity

How Minneapolis Asian Americans are supporting Black community after Daunte Wright’s death

April 16, 2021, 1:45 PM PDT

By Claire Wang

April 13, 2021, in Brooklyn Center, MN - John Minchillo / AP

PANA: Resistance to oppression is not new, neither is solidarity between Asian Americans and African Americans. Our solidarity is the power that will overthrow this system of white supremacist violence towards both of our peoples.

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Economic Justice Solidarity

House Panel Approves Bill To Study Slavery Reparations

Get your citizen lobbying gloves on to help right the wrongs of history and win justice. #SolidarityInAction

“Here we are today, marking up for the first time in the history of the United States of America any legislation that deals directly with the years and centuries of slavery of African American people who are now the descendants of those Africans,” Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas), the bill’s new sponsor since Conyers’ retirement in 2017, said Wednesday. “We’re asking for people to understand the pain, the violence, the brutality, the chattel-ness of what we went through.”

House Lawmakers Advance Historic Bill To Form Reparations Commission

The House Judiciary Committee took up the bill on Wednesday evening. The vote was the first time the committee has acted on the legislation since former Democratic Rep. John Conyers initially introduced it in 1989. This year, the legislation has the support of more than 170 Democratic co-sponsors and key congressional leaders.

A bill on studying reparations is getting a House vote 30 years in the making

Briefly, what’s in HR 40, the House’s bill to study reparations

If passed, HR 40 would establish a “Commission to Study and Develop Reparation Proposals for African Americans,” composed of 13 members, with three to be chosen by the president, three by the speaker of the House, one by the president pro tempore of the Senate, and another six by “major” civil rights groups “that have historically championed the cause of reparatory justice.”

The commission would be charged with determining institutional culpability against former enslaved Africans and their American descendants across the public and private sector. It would also be required to interrogate how practices such as redlining, educational funding discrepancies, and predatory financial practices — alongside enslavement — have exacerbated racial opportunity and wealth gaps.

At the conclusion of their work, the commission would then report “appropriate remedies” to Congress, based on its findings on institutional enslavement and racism.

Anti-Asian Violence Solidarity

VOA (Korean) Coverage of Neighborhood Safety Companions

Reporters from Voice of American (Korean) covered the Neighborhood Safety Companions effort in Koreatown, Los Angeles, April 1, 2021.

Take Action Against Anti-Asian Violence with Neighborhood Safety Companions (NSC)!

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Coalition Statement Urges US Congress to Pass HR 40, Reparations Bill – TAKE ACTION!


People in the US are now more eager than ever to pull back the curtain on institutions to see whether they have helped to advance or stall racial progress, and the US Congress is no exception. One bill in particular can demonstrate support for meeting this moment in a reasonable, rational, and compassionate way: House Resolution (HR) 40. We urge House and Committee leadership to bring this bill to a full vote once it reaches the floor. 

As Dr. King argued in 1963, the movement for racial equality and equal rights under the law calls on us to move courageously towards repair. We can’t get back those years and wages that Black people lost while in bondage and unfairly behind bars. We can’t recover the lives lost to systemic anti-Blackness and heinous racial terror. We can’t undo the trauma that has wreaked havoc on Black communities and bodies. But what we can do is pass HR 40, and its Senate companion S 40 (formerly S 1083). It is what the moment requires. It is an opportunity to start moving the United States out of this deep quagmire of inequality and to finally make it whole.   

PANA urges all to call and email their Congressional representatives to call upon them to support this important legislation. It was solidarity that won Reparations and Redress for Japanese Americans seeking justice for their WWII mass relocation and mass incarceration. Without the support of African Americans, this hard-fought victory could not have been won. We join with others in this effort to express solidarity by winning more co-signers and sponsors of this Bill!

Here are members of the House Committee to contact that will be voting on advancement of this bill on Wednesday (Big thanks to Mya Worrel of Nikkei Progressives for sharing these reference slides):

Calls for HR 40
House Leadership and House Committee on HR 40 members to call
HR40 Call Script

HR 40 Additional Calls to Make
Other House of Representative Representatives to urge co-sponsorship from (not on the HR 40 Committee)
HR 40 Phone Banking Script for non-committee Reps
HR 40 Phone Banking Script for non-committee Reps

Anti-Asian Violence Solidarity

Join “Neighborhood Safety Companions!”

Stand with PANA and allies to take direct action in building community, solidarity and a deterrence to street violence. Help us create alternatives to increased police repression. CLICK HERE.

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Support HR 40

PANA supports all efforts to win reparations for descendants of African American slaves.  African Americans played a key role in winning Reparations for Japanese Americans.  We must demonstrate solidarity in support of the fight to win restitution for decades of wrongdoing and super-exploitation of Blacks in the U.S. #SupportH40