Anti-Asian Violence

To Defeat White Supremacy, Asians Must Stand Together and for Each Other


PANA launches volunteer “Neighborhood Safety Companions” effort to keep our seniors safe, partnering with Asians With Attitude and Koreatown Youth & Community Center

Today, systemic White Supremacy is waging violence on our people. Despite gross-under reporting of hate crimes, there have nonetheless been over 3,800 racist incidents reported in the past year alone. Most notably, recently, in Atlanta Georgia, where a White Supremacist murdered eight people including the specific targeting of Asian women, six of whom who were murdered.

PANA recognizes that there is a spectrum of violence directed at Asians, manifesting from different sources, but stemming from the same source: An economic/political/cultural system founded on inequality and the subjugation and oppression of whole nations of people. The United States was founded on genocide of Native American peoples and theft of natural resource and the forced enslavement of West Africans. As the U.S. expanded, so to did the annexation of Northern Mexico and importation of Asian contract labor.

Today, despite the “Model Minority Mythology,” the fundamental relationship of Asians to systemic White Supremacy has remained unchanged. The majority of us are working-class, and we face disparities in all aspects of society, from job discrimination, wage inequality,

disparities in healthcare and housing and limited social mobility due to the threat of racist violence.

For many of us, our presence in this country is tied to a history of U.S. wars of aggression in Asia and we see that the anti-China warmongering from both the Democratic and Republican parties now exacerbates the racists sentiment against us in the broader society. We do not view violence currently directed at us domestically as separate from U.S. corporate interests abroad.

We acknowledge our history of super-exploitation, but we also recognize the proud legacies of our ancestors and families rising up and fighting violence and oppression. We have never been a passive and docile peoples in the face of injustice, and this is the tradition that we draw strength from today. We will not stand by passively as our seniors, women, our businesses, cultural and community institutions come under attack!

For those unfamiliar with the lessons of our past, we recommend a quick review of this thread initiated by filmmaker, Valerie Soe:


Inspired by the likes of 75-year old Xiao Zhen Xie, PANA joins with other Asians in the U.S. today to defend ourselves against violent attack. In Los Angeles, we have initiated a volunteer,
“Neighborhood Safety Companions” effort along with Asians With Attitude, Koreatown Youth and Community Center and others to promote safety especially for the most vulnerable in our communities.

While we believe in the Human Right to defend ourselves against attacks, we encourage others to join us in our work building grassroots power to win what our communities need.

PANA feels that it is necessary to transform this society into one that is just and respects the full human rights of all as equals, serving the needs of the many versus only the needs of a greedy minority.  To do will require organizing our peoples and building solidarity across various communities and being inclusive of regular working-class people.

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