Anti-Asian Violence

Efforts to Deter Anti-Asian Violence on the Rise Across the Country

Asian Americans are standing up nationwide with initiatives to promote safety in our communities in the face of Anti-Asian violence.

Volunteer work to build community relationships with the intention of deterring attacks offer an alternative to advocacy of increased racist policing.

In addition to massive rallies of people calling for an end to the epidemic of Anti-Asian violence, volunteers have been engaging in activities such as distribution of personal safety alarms, volunteer peace-keeping walks, self-defense classes, free companion services to seniors and distribution of educational materials in multiple Asian languages regarding how to report hate-crimes.

The Progressive Asian Network (PANA) has been reaching out to groups such as “Asians With Attitude” to coordinate such efforts and begin pulling resources together as part of this growing effort.  Current work being done by such groups as “Compassionate Oakland,” “Safety Walks NYC,” and “Citizen Foot Patrols” in San Jose Japantown are underway and the volunteer efforts are growing rapidly.

If you are interested in joining or supporting these initiatives, please send an email with your contact information to: [email protected]

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