Health disparities for Filipinxs in health care are disguised by data aggregation

By Carlos Irwin A. Oronce


Oct. 11, 2021

Aggregated data covers up the gross inequalities faced by specific demographics within the broad and diverse umbrella category of “Asian and Pacific Islander Americans.” 20% of nurses in CA are Filipinx and they’ve been hit hard by the for-profit motivated “just in time” policies in hospitals. These greedy policies have led to many unnecessary deaths as front-line COVID-19 nurses haven’t been provided adequate personal protection equipment to contend with the virus. Nationally, while 4 percent of registered nurses nationwide are Pinay, they account for about 25 percent of Covid-19 deaths among registered nurses.

PANA is doing its part to educate people about the realities behind the numbers and shares this article from STAT news:

Since the outset of the pandemic, it has become abundantly clear that social and economic factors shaped by the U.S.’s history of structural racism have caused disproportionate numbers of deaths among racial and ethnic minority groups due to Covid-19. Lost in the conversation have been the experiences of Asian American communities, and Filipinxs in particular.


Pinay Nurses in Manila

While the official numbers show that Asian Americans have lower death rates from Covid-19, the few states in which data are broken out by Asian ethnicity reveal sharply higher proportions of Filipinxs who have contracted the disease and died from it. In Hawaii, Filipinxs make up 16% of the population but more than 20% of Covid-related deaths. In California, where Filipinxs make up 20% of nonelderly Asian adults, they make up 42% of Covid deaths in that category.


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