Coalition Statement Urges US Congress to Pass HR 40, Reparations Bill – TAKE ACTION!


People in the US are now more eager than ever to pull back the curtain on institutions to see whether they have helped to advance or stall racial progress, and the US Congress is no exception. One bill in particular can demonstrate support for meeting this moment in a reasonable, rational, and compassionate way: House Resolution (HR) 40. We urge House and Committee leadership to bring this bill to a full vote once it reaches the floor. 

As Dr. King argued in 1963, the movement for racial equality and equal rights under the law calls on us to move courageously towards repair. We can’t get back those years and wages that Black people lost while in bondage and unfairly behind bars. We can’t recover the lives lost to systemic anti-Blackness and heinous racial terror. We can’t undo the trauma that has wreaked havoc on Black communities and bodies. But what we can do is pass HR 40, and its Senate companion S 40 (formerly S 1083). It is what the moment requires. It is an opportunity to start moving the United States out of this deep quagmire of inequality and to finally make it whole.   

PANA urges all to call and email their Congressional representatives to call upon them to support this important legislation. It was solidarity that won Reparations and Redress for Japanese Americans seeking justice for their WWII mass relocation and mass incarceration. Without the support of African Americans, this hard-fought victory could not have been won. We join with others in this effort to express solidarity by winning more co-signers and sponsors of this Bill!

Here are members of the House Committee to contact that will be voting on advancement of this bill on Wednesday (Big thanks to Mya Worrel of Nikkei Progressives for sharing these reference slides):

Calls for HR 40
House Leadership and House Committee on HR 40 members to call
HR40 Call Script

HR 40 Additional Calls to Make
Other House of Representative Representatives to urge co-sponsorship from (not on the HR 40 Committee)
HR 40 Phone Banking Script for non-committee Reps
HR 40 Phone Banking Script for non-committee Reps

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